Skip The Screen Protector

05 Jan

Fresh from the box, your Kindle Fire sports a perfect, unscratched display. Most people want to keep it that way. This leads to a trick question:

What do you do to protect your Kindle Fire screen?

The trick answer?

Absolutely nothing.

Your Fire sports Gorilla Glass, an amazing glass from Corning that is practically impervious to any sort of minor scratch or abrasion.  You can even hack at your Fire with your car keys and the screen will be unscathed. (I’m not kidding; I’ve done this to test the glass.)

Many people find this hard to believe and will install a screen protector of some sort on their Fire.  This serves no purpose, except to make the display murky. In some cases, the protector will actually scratch more easily than Gorilla Glass, defeating the whole purpose.

If you absolutely must install a screen protector to feel better about things, the only one to use is made by Skinomi.  You buy them on Amazon here. Unlike almost all other protectors, Skinomi products must be installed wet, using the handy spritzer included with each protector.  After you first install them, they will look terrible, streaky and bubbly.  In a day or so, they will dry and become perfectly clear.  Skinomi also offers lifetime replacements, so if it does become dinged you can replace it for free.

Note that while your Fire does not need a screen protector to prevent scratches, it does require a cover to protect it from shattering if you should drop it.  There are dozens of covers to suit every taste; I happen to like this one, which provides great corner protection and can be folded to make a nifty stand for watching movies.

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